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Come back to the natural and deeply healing state of BALANCE.

Bring the balance back to your life, health, power, relationships and home. 


September 22nd, 8-9pm EDT


It is easy in these times to lose one's balance, emotionally, physically, spriritually. Our environment is constantly throwing us off balance, be that polarities ,media, toxicity, traumatic events, ill health and scares for loved ones. 


This healing is to bring back the natural balance into your life and system. When we are in  balance our bodies heal, minds rejuvinate, we are connected to ourself, our life and the divine and all feels good in our world. 


Allow our healers to bring you back into balance with this gentle, but powerful energy Sunday healing. 


When the body, its chemistry and all our working in balance the natural healing that is is made to do can happen in the most natural and quick way. 

Healing for BALANCE

  • We will reinforce  the higher aspects of your energy field to imprint and support the lower levels, strenghtening the natural relationship between levels that creates healthy states of being.

    We will help you to ground down  to feel part of this time and place, to be fully present to experience the beauty and harmony around you. 

    Knowing the Truth of being who you truly are allows you to find more structure and beauty in your life. 

    Life starts with You. Truly seeing who you are. 

    When our will, reason and emotions  are balanced we experience all that is this life in this moment. Divine Will, Wisdom and Love creating trough your experience and presence.

    When we are in balance we have the power to control our attention and with our attention we create the life that we are here for.

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