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Beauty is one of the highest aspects of Love.

To find the beauty in yourself, those around you and the earth we walk apon is a direct experience of Love. 


June 12th, 8-9pm EDT


Beauty is an aspect of being human that binds every person on this planet. We are all able to recognize beauty when we see it.

Beauty is subjective, and part of the mystery of life.

For some, to experience Love can be difficult and complicated, but Beauty is always accessible.

To know Beauty is to know Love. 

Healing for BEAUTY

  • We will support your the higher aspects of your energy field to open and receive the Beauty of Existence. 

    We will ground you to feel part of this time and place, to be fully present to experience the beauty around you. 

    Knowing your Truth and being who you truly are allows you will find more and more beauty in your life. 

    Beauty starts with You. Truly seeing the beauty you are. 

    When our body, mind, emotions and energy are fully alive we experience all the Beauty that is this life in this moment. 

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