Healer - Midwife - Therapist

Currently based in Barcelona.
Alba comes from a multigenerational lineage of medical and intuitive healers. She has received degrees in Psychology (2013), Brennan Healing Science (2019), and completed certifications to become a full spectrum doula from Traditional Doula and Midwifery Arts (2014).
Having experience in the birth room to guiding group emotion process in mental health clinics, Alba’s passion for families and healing translates to an array of different services.
Alba formed MA Maternity after having her own two children and has dedicated her life to serving families to the best of her abilities; intuitively reading and working on the Human Energy Field and offering tools for self-empowerment and conscious communication.
Brennan Healing Science works on grounding, aligning and recharging the Human Energy Consciousness Field by clearing and releasing energetic blocks that inhibit personal and relational growth and development. In the birthing room, these techniques have also found an important role for pain management. In postpartum, regulating the energy field allows for optimum healing and integration to occur.
Alba is honored to be continuing the family tradition of being of service to others on their healing journey and offers support in English and Spanish.