Ancestral Healer - Essence Facilitator

Amy graduated from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in 2019 and is currently in the second year of the Advanced Studies program, graduating in June 2021.

She is a descendant of Hawaiian lineage and compassionately supports those who have experienced historic or radicalized trauma. Historic trauma is a trauma that is experienced by a collective group and is passed down to descendants through cultural narratives, DNA, and the energetic cords that connect us to our Ancestors.

Her approach to healing is simple and grounded in the present moment, tending to the deeper unfolding of the healing process. It is in the deeper unfolding where contact with our core essence and true nature is remembered.

​The foundation of her work is based on core values of her Hawaiian Ancestors:

Aloha, unconditional love

O’ia’io, Truth, Universal Truth

Pono, Right Alignment

Ohana, Family