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Multidimensional Healer - MBA - Fertility

Maria is passionate about the creative process – to witness how the energy flows from the core star of a client through the energy system into physical form and finding the areas where the energy stops or is blocked.
”I love assisting clients in those places where they feel pain or get stuck and help them restore balance to create a fulfilling life and experience a deep connection to themselves”.
She holds clients multi-dimensionally - in their wound and their fullest self all at once, helping heal and connect to a deeper self.
She uses intuition and clairvoyance to perceive and see the images & beliefs that hold a block in place in a client’s energy system. Supporting their healing journey with a grounded intentionality, profound respect and heart.
She current has a healing practice in Austin, Texas where she lives with her husband and son.
Helping individuals who want to create a fulfilling life, as well as couples who intend to conceive a family.

She is also the founder of ”The Consciousness Project”, a non-profit organization dedicated to help raise human consciousness to an unitive state.
She is working on creating the first physical center of human transformation in Austin.
Her education includes a BA + MBA.
She graduated from Barbara Brennan’s Professional Program in 2013.

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