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Sat, Sep 23



Planet Earth Healing Vortex

We invite you (and your loved ones) to join this special FREE event to bring healing to Planet Earth and all life on it. All our healers will be holding this event as we create a portal of the highest consciousness and love. We are part of Planet Earth, not separate! We Heal together.

Planet Earth Healing Vortex
Planet Earth Healing Vortex

Time & Location

Sep 23, 1:00 PM EDT – Sep 24, 2:00 PM EDT


About the Event

Earth Healing

This Planet Earth is our home and our physical bodies are made up of her.

Please join us on the Autumnal Equinox (in the northern hemisphere) to create a powerful energy vortex. We will be supporting all Life on Earth, with a deep exploration of how we are part of this planet. Our healing and the healing of the Earth is inextricable.

Our bodies and Gaia are symbiotic with each other. We share the great mystery with Earth, as well as the chemical elements, microorganisms, and water. We claim that we know everything about our planet but we don’t, there is still mystery about inner Earth and in the surface. There is mystery in our bodies as well. We are one with Pacha Mama. This planet supports our embodied life experience constantly.

As our individual bodies hold a Hara Line,  Chakras and Energy Meridians, the Earth has similar mechanisms in its Ley Lines, Energy Vortices and Hara line. In this healing we will bring the highest consciouness and love to all. 

We find the same minerals in our bones and muscles, we have the same water flowing in our lymphs and blood, we have the same air filling our lungs, we have the same fire in our digestive system. We live in the Energy Field of Planet Earth. Everything working with divine precision.

In healing the Earth we heal our selves. There is no real separation between our bodies and mother Earth.

We are part of the transformation of Earth and Humanity's shift into 5th Dimension or New Earth and it is time for us to take responsiblity and evolve into our highest potential.

Change comes from within.

So we need to stand in our own Power....  right now.

There is immense promise for our future – and we can start creating it right now!  today!

You are the change – so start with your own life! 

There five systems of Earth: the Geosphere (earth, rocks, minerals), Biosphere(all life and ecosystems), Cryosphere (Earths climate incl ice, snow), Hydrosphere (Waters), and Atmosphere (air or gases). Like our bodies, all of these systems interact to produce a balanced and healthy planet.

The Hydrosphere: the ocean holds about 97 percent of the Earth's water; the remaining three percent is distributed in glaciers and ice, below the ground, in rivers and lakes, and in the atmosphere. When we heal the hydrosphere, we send healing energy into the earth’s oceans, clouds, rivers, lakes and glaciers. We invite the water element to balance with earth, air and fire. We invite pure waters to be restored to the earth and for the planet to exchange water from land to air, from oceans to forests, and to be in balance across the continents. We invite healing of droughts, flooding, uncontrolled storms and hurricanes.

On a spiritual level, water is connected with cleansing our energy, purification, and renewal. This element also embodies strength, clarity, and persistence. Water moves around and through obstacles set in its path with grace, and cascades into the unknown with power and tenacity. In this healing, we heal the water element as it exists inside and around us.

Please invite all your friends and family to be part of this healing.

To join please add the name and email address per person.

Guided Meditation 

Please use this beautiful guided meditation to prepare for or do during the manifestation healing.... See Experience page on website. 





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