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Specialized Healing Services

Are you struggling with conflict in your family life?

Have you bought a home, property or land where you are wanting to create something new, and want a clean slate to start from?


Our a team of highly skilled Energy Workers, specializing in remote healing. During these years of working on systems of the body, we have been asked to work with specific issues we all deal with at times.... family struggles, creating a new space, business or community. When things are not flowing. We have now created the opportunity for you to these trained healers to bring work specifically with your family or property, to create harmony and the highest potential for success. 

In Universal Healing we have decided to offer a new healing service that will be dedicated to families and important life issues.  

Clearing the energy and setting the alignment and intention to support you can have immense positive impact on this area of your life.

These are specific healings tailored to your life needs, we will do a call with you to see what it is you are needing and curate this for you on an individual basis. This includes the pricing, Which will depend on how may healers we see needed, how many healings etc.

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Home or Space Healing

Does your home feel sick or congested?

Are you moving into a new home and don't want to live in the Energy and Stories of past strangers? 

According to a recent huge survey, the No 1 reason why people prefer to build a new home, rather than buy one is that they do not want to live in the energy of other's lives. 

We know how important is for our well-being to have a healthy space around us.


We know that sometimes stagnant energies can affect in a negative way the success of new business.


Traditional cultures know and use different methods for millennia to clear and heal the land and spaces that need renewal. Feng Shui in China is one of the most well-known ones.


Imagine that you can accomplish this objective remotely.

In Universal Healing we are offering this service now. A group of talented and very experienced energy healers will work together to bring healing and harmony to your home, space, land, or business.


Using the multidimensional aspects of divine precision and sacred alignment we will bring back harmony to your space or project.

Schedule a free call with us to discuss your healing. 

Commercial Property Healing

Have you bought an old building, a commercial space, or a business that needs renewed energy?

Why is it some buildings are alway having new tenants and which always quickly fail. Nothing thrives there.... 

It can be a negative energy or system that has been living in this space and sabotaging new possibility. 

There can have been deaths where energy still linger, bad things happened in the past that don't allow the highest possibility for the space. 

If you are renovating an old structure or building a new one,  know that clearing stagnant energies and creating a vortex of harmony can help to attract the business and community that you are looking for.

Schedule a free call with us to discuss your healing.

Modern Building
Green Fields
Green Fields

Land Healing

Have you bought land to create your dream home,  business or community from the ground up? 

Land holds the energy.... of all the people and traditions that have passed through it and all that has happened there. 

To create the highest possibility for your dreams to grow its idea to clear the land of the energies lingering there and bring its natural potential and aliveness to create from. 


In this healing we will clear your land of of all past or unproductive energies and allow its true potential to hold your dreams.

We will work with ancestral healing of the land. 

We are not sure if our creations will thrive on land. 

We do not know if there has been death, war or things buried beneath the surface. 

Our healers will clear this so nothing from the past inhibits your land thriving. 

We will tailor this healing for what you long to create there, what your land tells us, and it can give us the information of where, how and what is best for this land and how do create there. 

Schedule a free call with us to discuss your healing.

Family Healing

Families are a group of people that are bonded by blood, love, loyalties, traumas, and life experiences in general. 

It is so common for something to cause the family to lose its harmony and can become deeply traumatic for all. This can be loss, illness, death, new people joining the family or one member who creates conflict and you can't fix this.... 

We would like to give your family a chance to heal in a new way.

Traumas and wounds that have not been processed and healed will affect the whole or some members of the family for generations.


In Universal Healing we have noticed the important presence of our ancestors in most of the energy healings that we perform.


In these healings, we focus on different body systems or energetic human qualities, and the presence of the ancestors is always to support the healing energy because they still long for healing, balance, and harmony.

We offer you the chance to book healings that will be specific for your own family. 

We will listen to the complaints and issues that you will provide for us to know and we’ll set a strong intention for healing for you and your family.


With these family healings, we will provide three very experienced healers working together to provide healing and harmony to your family. 


We will use the same protocols that we use for our group healings, to work with your family.


We believe that we don’t have to carry the same energetic burdens that our ancestors carried. We know that we can help your family transform energetic blockages into new openings that will bring new possibilities for you and your loved ones.

Schedule a free call with us to discuss your healing. 

Image by Tyler Nix
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