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Your DNA makes you unique.

All humans have the same genes arranged in the same order, but everyone's DNA is unique.

It is the coding that holds the information of all that we are... our body, our story, our potential. 


Energy Healing is a powerful way to balance what is not supporting you from your DNA and enabling this life coding to be of the highest vibration. 


DNA holds the template for our physical body and part of our DNA is still a mystery to Science. It holds, in the physical, the imprint of spiritual  aspects of ourself. 


Our DNA connects us with ALL life, in the physical reality.  In our DNA we find all the other animals, plants, minerals.... All the Kingdoms of Life are represented in our DNA. 


The wounding in our lineage gets imprinted in our DNA, that we inherit from our families. And this can be changed for balanced with Energy Healing. 


Damaged our distorted DNA....

Invasive or artificial influences can damage our DNA, causing illness, shortness of life, malfunction of organs or systems. These include enviromental pollution, medication, bad food systems, trauma. 


When we focus our attention in our DNA we can see the miracle of life. 


DNA is forever changing and healing, its is not a static coding. When we heal wounds (physical, emotiona, spiritual) our DNA changes.


"A bad gene" is not fated. We can change and heal our stories, physical, mental, emotional, but creating a healthy enviroment to thrive. 


Healing the DNA brings your body back to its intrinsic health. 


Consider the possibility that healthier body and life, is always available to you.... 


September  29th 8pm EDT

DNA Healing

  • We will focus into the DNA. The Genes, the Chromosomes, nucleotide base pairs, hydrogen bonds.

    Working on the the Cellular and elemental levels.

    Work with Hara Dimension to bring alignment with the whole system. 

    Work with the structured levels of the Energy Field to reinforce the structure of our original DNA. 

    We are going to  help the emotions and belief systems release that are holding us hostage in illness and keeping us limited. To open us to new possiblities, to come back the the primordial healthy self. 

    We are going to use the Chain of DNA to free you instead,  of condemn you to a certain narrative of health and life.  

    When we heal DNA we are able to restructure our future for optimum health and life. 

    Healing the DNA allows "genetic weaknesses" to be cleared and our future health story to be rewritten. 

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