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Joy is one of the higher dimensions of the Human Experience. 

It is one of the highest vibrational emotions.

It is also a consciousness that holds the highest human vibrations. 


It arises out of the heart and the higher levels of the field and is an experience divinity and the body. 


JOY is something we are constantly seeking.

It can be momentary or become a constant friend. 


It comes from a deep embodiment of who you truly are. 

And when we open ourself to experience the divinity of life joy arises spontaneously. 


November 24th, 8pm EDT/ New York Time


According to Dr David Hawkins, who created the spectrum of emotional consciousness, JOY is the expanded emotion at the highest end of the spectrum. 


When we ground down into our body, and accept our human-ness there is a natural JOY that arises from the body when it is fully accepted. 

A joy that fills every cell, bone, muscle and organ of the body.


There is an intrinsic joy of a new born. When they come to the world they are shining their essence, in that is joy, they joy of coming here, to this world, this body. Their essence is shining. There is an immense joy in this. 

A natural joy of the divine becoming human. As there is a natural joy of human becoming divine - when you realize you are divine an eternal spirit embodying in this moment. 


One hour of pure healing for Joy

Healing for JOY

  • We’ll align your intention with your primordial intention of your desire the brought us here - to become human. 

    The desire to become flesh and bone. We’re going to upload your essence, clear and work with all the defenses/ fears/ belief systems that hinder our experience here fully. 

    We’ll work with this on all the levels of the field. 

    There is joy in relationship, finding people who your heart dances with. Many people are wounded in relationship and broken hearted. We will work deeply with the heart and 4th level of the energy field (that of relationship).

    Bringing the divine of the higher vibrations of our energy field to be embraced by the human levels. The result of this is the natural JOY of being here, in this body. 

    We’ll work with the higher vibrations of the energy field. 

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