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Pleasure is our absolute birthright. It is the peak of experiencing this body and this life we are living. Pleasure can be part of our daily lives. It is a truly accessible human experience. Our life experience, fears and wounds can block our ability to feel pleasure.


Living with pleasure on a moment by moment basis allows us to experience ongoing joy in life.


November 17th 8-9pm EDT


This healing will go deeper into aspects that arose from the Sensory and Reproductive System healings....

Living a busy life with the immense stimulation we have around us can desensitize us to the innate pleasure that is always there.


Naturally sexual pleasure is a peak sensation we often look to, but pleasure can be found everywhere and anywhere, if you are open to receive it.


It is not something that can only happen in certain situations or conditions.

Life is constantly offering us pleasure....

Healing for PLEASURE

  • Do you ever....

    • Feel numb
    • Disconnected
    • Struggle to cry, laugh.... feel.
    • Long for intimacy, ecstasy.
    • Feel guilt with pleasure.
    • Shame
    • Feel small and separated from others.
    • Chronic pain.

    In this healing, we will work on clearing the energetic, mental and physical blockages that prevent us from experiencing the flow of constant pleasure.

    Not being open to receive it, is a main source of this....

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