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The pancreas has dual roles - it is an organ of the Digestive system and of the Endocrine system.


The exocrine pancreas produces enzymes that help to digest food, particularly protein. The endocrine pancreas makes the hormone insulin, which helps to control blood sugar levels.


The Spleen-Pancreas System encompases other digestion organs. 


In Traditional Chinese medicine the Spleen is like the Earth and provides nurishment to the body. It is also responsible for how the fluids are distribuited throught the body.

It controls our mental capacity to think and concentrate.


This System have a direct correlation with the 3 first levels of the energy field. Health and function of our physical body plus how we feel about our selves and our mental capacity to be present with a focused mind. 

We are going to focus on working with the 1st and 3rd chakras to help to solve any energetic distortions that may affect the function of the spleen/pancreas system.

The 1st chakra connects us with the needed energetic nurturance of planet Earth and the 3rd chakras have a special relevance in our digestion and health.


Family issues related to nurturance, deep personal humiliation or inheritance conflicts can affect the function of our Pancreas.


November 3rd, 8-9pm EDT


Its main functions include:


It produces insulin, which helps the body manage and use sugars.

The pancreas also produces dietary juices, called enzymes, that help with digestion.


The pancreas makes and stores "turned off" versions of the enzymes. After the pancreas sends the enzymes into the small intestine, they are "turned on" and break down proteins in the small intestine.

If the enzymes are turned on too soon, they can start acting like digestive juices inside the pancreas. The action can irritate, damage or destroy cells.

This problem, in turn, leads to immune system responses that cause swelling and other events that affect how the pancreas works.


Healing The SPLEEN-PANCREAS system.

    • Diabetes
    • Inflamation
    • Fluid retention.
    • Alcohol use.
    • Medication damage.
    • Edema.
    • Obesity
    • High triglyceride levels in the blood.
    • Low Immune System.
    • Depletion.
    • High calcium levels in the blood.
    • Pancreas cancer.
    • Injuries from trauma or surgery.
    • Spleen rupture.
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