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The Brain rules all functioning of our body! Healthy brain function is essential to live life, especially to live a positive experience.....


September 11th 11am EDT


The brain is constantly under pressure with little time to rest. We don't spend enough time in healthy brain waves that can help to restore balance and function.


Life can feel dulled and access to our true selves and purpose blocked. Healing our Brain has an immediate and longer term positive effect on our body and life.


Following Dr Hamer’s work we find that the brain creates different connections with every new trauma or unexpected impact. When we heal the trauma the impact in the brain disappear.

The brain has 4 different layers.


Will develop organs of survival and reproduction and the Brain Stem (which will control these organs).

Old Mesoderm

Will develop organs of protection and the Cerebellum (which will control these organs).

New Mesoderm

Will develop organs that give support, structure and movement to the body and the White matter of the brain or Cerebral Medulla (which will control these organs).


Will develop organs that allow us to have a social life, like sensitiv- ity, mobility, communication, perception and contact with the out- side world and the Brain Cortex (which will control these organs).

We can see how working and healing the Human Brain will bring healing energy to the rest of the body.

Healing the HUMAN BRAIN

  • Depression, anxiety, suicide and mental illnesses are rapidly increasing.... across all ages, cultures, countries and genders.

    Mostly the cause is a mystery. 

    There is ongoing need to diagnose, medicate to fix these "anomalies".  What is clear is that we have lost the connection with natural Life and its rhythms.


    If you or a loved one experience:

    - Depression

    - Dementia/ Alzheimer's

    - Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Manic Depression

    - Autism/ Aspergers

    - Memory Loss

    - Insomnia

    - Brain Fog

    - Confusion / Lack of concentration

    - Extreme though patterns

    - An over-active brain

    - Suicidal thoughts​

    - Any brain related "diagnosis"

    - Use medication that affects the brain


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