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The Thyroid governs your metabolism. 

It is a vital endocrine gland that makes and releases certain hormones. It manages how your body uses energy.

When the Thyroid is out of balance you can feel unwell fast.


Sunday, July 21st 8-9pm New York Time, EST


When we heal the Thyroid we: 

  • Boost Your Metabolism... Thyroid hormones have a significant impact on the metabolic rate of various tissues and organs throughout the body. They help regulate how the body uses energy, which influences functions such as heart rate, breathing, digestion, and maintaining body weight.
  • Skyrocket Your Energy Levels: Reclaim your vitality and zest for life! 

  • Sharp Mental Clarity: A healthy thyroid means a clear and focused mind. It's hormones are essential for brain health and cognitive function. They affect mood, memory, and overall mental well-being.

  • Revitalize Your Mood: Regulate your mood swings and banish irritability. 

  • Heart Health Support: Maintain a strong and healthy Cardiovascular Function: Thyroid hormones affect the heart rate and strength of heart contractions, helping to maintain a stable cardiovascular system.

  • Bone Density Protection: Don't let weak bones hold you back! Ensure your thyroid health to support strong bones and prevent osteoporosis.

  • Fertility and Hormonal Balance. Achieve hormonal balance and support fertility on your journey to motherhood.

  • Growth and devepment: Proper thyroid function is crucial for normal growth and development, especially in children. Thyroid hormones play a role in the development of the brain and the skeletal system.

  • Cholesterol Levels: The thyroid gland can influence cholesterol levels in the blood, impacting cardiovascular health.


This tiny gland is responsible for so much health and life bringing balance. 

This is a specific Energty healing will balance and regulate this vital Gland. 

The THYROID Gland Healing

  • On another level the Thyroid sits in the Throat Chakra and is the space of:

    • Expression and Communication: the thyroid represents one's ability to speak their truth, express yourself authentically, and communicate effectively. It can symbolize the power of words and the importance of expressing your truth.

    • Metabolism of Experiences: the thyroid's role in regulating metabolism allows the assimilation and processing of life experiences. It may represent the body's ability to metabolize emotions, thoughts, and lessons from life, converting them into growth and wisdom.

    • Balance and Harmony: The thyroid gland plays a crucial role in maintaining hormonal balance in the body. It represents the need for balance and harmony in one's life—finding equilibrium between different aspects of life, such as work and personal life, mind and body, or inner and outer experiences.

    • Throat Chakra:  the thyroid gland sits in the  throat chakra, which is considered the energy center responsible for communication, self-expression, and truth. A balanced throat chakra enables clear communication and the ability to voice one's needs and desires.

    • Expression of Emotions: The thyroid's association with the throat and vocal cords symbolizes the importance of expressing emotions openly and honestly. It could be a reminder to release suppressed emotions and express them constructively.

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