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Pharmacist - Healer - Herbalist

The essence of Yvonne’s practice is to create a sacred healing space with other Divine souls to be aligned, present, deeply listening in contact with an open heart and mind, holding compassion for those she serves, She invites you to bring what is here and now ready for exploration and transformation promoting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.
Her passion is learn, practice and share all forms of healing to keep the ancient healing wisdom alive that has been passed down through the ages and generations. She is a loving and compassionate soul who loves to touch other’s lives assisting and empower those in their healing journey. It is a great joy, pleasure and honor to witness the clients growth that arises from the transformation of old energy patterns into new high vibrations of their true essence, bringing forth a new life filled with our soul substance of awakened healing energy consciousness.
In addition to her 7 years at BBSH, Yvonne is a Registered Pharmacist offers medical nutrition, vitamin and herbal counseling services. .
She is the owner of NewLife CBD where she enjoys creating high quality Light and Sound therapy creams and lotions for integrative health and wellness.

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