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The Ancient Science of Wellness  5th Dimension Healing Technology.




Support your Self Healing.... Expand your life and Health Span..

With Pure Energy Medicine. 

Upcoming Healings

We are a team of highly specialized Experts and Scientists in the Human Energy Fieldtrained to connect and work with you, to heal your body-mind. 

We hold everyone in pure love with the intention of making healing available to all who seek it.

THIS SUPPORTS YOUR BODY TO HEAL ITSELF.... as it is designed to do.  

Energy Healing is ancient and powerful preventative medicine. 


We exist in a field of pure energy, which is always running through our body

We are animated and alive because of this Quantum Energy field.

This field is an essential part of the Natural Law of the Universe. 

Energy is Medicine.

Though unseen, it is one of nature's vital resources (like food or air).  

It not only keeps us alive, but heals. 

Energy Healing not only lengthens your lifespan, but hugely increases your healthy life.

This work is powerful ancient PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE.  

Our bodies are a physical manifestation of this energy, as is every living being. 

On booking the $10, you receive this deep one hour healing session.

There is nothing to do but open to receive. 

Group work allows the Healing Field to be magnified by the individual and collective Energy.

When humans create together everyone's uniqueness brings something vital for all.  

We work with healing the specific systems of the body-mind-emotions.

Imagine the level of health you can create regularly clearing and healing all the organs, glands, cells and rejuvenating each system. 

Our body is totally interdependent on all systems and they work in synchronicity at all times.

When one system is out of balance or blocked dis-ease may manifest. 

All Life exists and is connected through this eternal Sea of Energy. And by bringing this Energy into the body, and directing it to organs, cells, the mind, it restores the balance brings health. 


The presence of Energy is the physical difference between life and death. 

Our bodies (with our soul) cannot exist without Energy. 


We are connected to all beings through this Divine Matrix of Energy. 

Through this electromagnetic field that permeates and surrounds this planet (and all life on it) the Healers are able to perceive, clear and heal the Human energy field, Body and Minds of those in each healing. 

Energetic Boundaries.... With Liz

Anyone, anywhere in the world, on any time zone, can receive the healing they need.

Each ONE HOUR healing works on a very specific body system and aspect of health. 

By booking the Healing, you are included. 

You just be open to receive. Nothing to do, this is not a Zoom or interactive session. 

After the session, a recording will be uploaded with the feedback for you. 

Allowing your body and system to regain its intrinsic health. 

To be healthy and live in our full energy is our birthright!


Explore new possibilities for health and living. 

Transform your life and health now.......

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Gift yourself and those you love healing.

With Body-Mind healing, a package or buy one... gift one.


When you book and pay you are included in the healing you selected

You can book online with the Book Now buttons, which will take you to an online payment page.


Making Healing accessible, affordable and available so anyone, anywhere can experience healing and the expansion of consciousness that comes with it. 

Image by Johannes Plenio

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